The parliamentary election observatory issues the 20th

لاتوجد صورة
لاتوجد صورة


Coinciding with the death sentences against a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, in the hart o them the former president Mohammed Morsi,  in the case known as” breaking prisons “, a significant leap in terrorist crimes was

expected, but the preemptive strikes remarkably succeeded in besieging terrorist powers plans, and infanticide most of the terrorist operations before they occur, despite the week covered by the report witnessed 88 violence incidents, however, this rate seemed so limited compared to the expected behavior and plans prepared in advance by terrorist organizations.

In this regard the parliamentary election’s Observatory affiliated to the International-Local joint Mission to observe the parliamentary elections – Egypt 2015, continue, for the 20th week in row, observing  incidents of violence and terrorist activities to analyzes them and their potential  indications related to the electoral process and the democratic transformation in Egypt.

The figures of bombings and violence incidents conducted by terrorists in different Egyptian governorates over the last week indicate the following observations


Weakness and randomness were so obvious on the performance of the terrorist organizations and their supporters, and it also stressed on the relative success of the preemptive strikes conducted by these security apparatus over the past months.


Many of the terrorist operations that was detected or conducted did not result in losses, even some of the bombing attempts only injured the bomber.

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