Egyptian General Book Authority issues “Theater revolution book “



Written by-Mohamed Mahmoud

the Egyptian General Book Authority, headed by D.Haitham Haj on, Issued “Theater Revolution” by Romain Rolland translation”; the book is translated by D.Hamadh Ibrahim.

The book  includes the plays “ July 14 – Game of Love and Death – Robespierre – Wolves – Danton”.

In these plays Romain Rolland dating of the French Revolution as a model revolution in the world and throughout history, where the writer portrayed in this business struggle of the French desperate to lift the injustice and oppression and enslavement of the victory of the revolution achieved its peak in the breaking of the Bastille (play July 14).

Author singled out the figures of the revolution two months figures Danton and Robespierre Bmsarhatin analyzed in which these two characters Roland Almakd Mahartin In the midst of the violence and intimidation which prevailed on this business writer did not lose sight of the human emotions kind evident in the play of the game of love and death to the same favorite writer.

All acts of Roman perception of his pursuit of absolute honesty about himself and about others as the perception of his call for reconciliation among peoples and peace among nations and therefore won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1916

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